God heard my prayers and brought winter back.

I find it pretty ironic that there is a post about the amazing women in Islamic history and the woman who the reason for the universe’s very existence is never mentioned.

Dervish Mikeli inside the Sari Saltuk tekke, Mali Krujës.

Let the Ahlul Sunnah tell their jokes and laugh now, for in the end there will be no laughter from anyone. All will know, when the King of Men stands shining in ethereal light, and the Usurpers greet them with skin blackened by the flames of hellfire.

Today we only believe in God in the moments we remind ourselves that we believe in him. The knowing of God’s presence within us and around us was something that used to be innate within mankind. It was like breathing, we are not always conscious of the fact we are breathing, yet we do. In the same way God’s presence and our devotion to Him was something that existed within man on a subconscious level. While He was not the subject of our thoughts every moment of our life, there was never a moment where we doubted or had to remember He existed.

Sometimes when we stop whatever we are doing, and acknowledge our breath as well as pay attention to it’s flow and the important it plays in our life, it can be noticed that for a brief moment it may quicken or slow and perhaps even stop entirely. There is a pressure on the lungs and we have to adjust our breath to it’s normal pace again, and we feel relaxed now that we are in tune with the very flow of our breath, our very reason for living. In the same way we use to experience God’s presence. We awakened the subconscious and like our breath we felt God moving within us. Some described it as a spinning sphere of light, eventually coursing through the entire body until it reached the mind. This innate presence of God was awakened, and just like the breath, we became in tune with the flow of His presence. Through that we reached enlightenment and ascended onto an ethereal plane where there existed nothing but truth, nothing but unity. After a time even unity ceased to exist, because in truth there is nothing for there to unite, for there is only He, there is only truth.

Let every breath become a prayer, every act become worship. It does not need to be special, we do not need to memorize lines within a language we do not understand. We only need to know.

علي (Ali) comes from עלי (Eli), it’s meaning being "ascent" or "ascent onto יהוה (YHWH) the most high”. علي itself means “exalted”, while one of the names of God is العلي (Al Ali), meaning The Most Exalted.

The purpose of a man is in his name. Our praise of Ali is a ladder to God, who’s ancient name was אל (El). Only but one letter makes them different, and what is a letter but a line drawn by man upon paper, easily erased.

We saw Noah today and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard folks saying how it’s very “Hollywood” (I mean, it kinda was with the graphics and battle scenes), but overall it was honestly a nice reminder and left us with a lot to ponder on the car ride home.

I loved the natural living references, also the abundant amount of Kabbalistic (and Sufi) overtones. Using the serpents skin to wrap a teffilin was pretty neat as well.

Also, I’m happy they kept the reference toward’s Noah’s drunkenness. Muslims are desperate to believe our Prophets and saints had no human flaws, when the truth is they were both the divine and infallible beings we believe (or should believe) and capable of error, that’s the point of man’s existence as God’s divine embodiment in this realm. 

I’m beginning to believe that this subtle misery I’m always feeling is my inner consciousness of God. I’m the worst of hypocrites and greatest of sinners, so God’s presence within me feels depressing.

I recall a quote from the Zohar that speaks of how each day comes down for us, designed by the Lord, and ascends back up afterwards and bears witness in shame, and stands alone outside. It sits for a time waiting for itself to be rectified by the one it was set down to. If they succeed it is sent to it’s rightful place with God, but if not the day comes down again as a rebellious spirit. It molds itself into the image of the one it was sent down to and moves into his house to torment him. If the one it is send down to purifies themselves, then this is all for the good. If not, the condition of their spirit only worsens. It becomes another day that bears witness to their shame, another day before he can dwell within the presence of their Lord.